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Ancillary Studies

We welcome the opportunity to facilitate high-quality, community-engaged, research collaborations that aim to improve the health and well-being of LGBTQ+ communities. Through The PRIDE Study's ancillary studies, a wide variety of investigators working on academic or community-based projects related to LGBTQ+ health can apply to work collaboratively with The PRIDE Study team.

Approved Ancillary Studies
A complete listing of approved ancillary studies is available here.

Ancillary Study Application System and Important Associated Materials

IMPORTANT Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions for Ancillary Study Collaborating Investigators (PDF) (2022-08-01)
• The PRIDE Study Ancillary Study - Example Complete Application Form (PDF) (2020-02-24)
The PRIDE Study Ancillary Study - Existing Data Variables Request Template (DOCX) (2020-05-03)
Examples of Ancillary Study Community Summaries and Dissemination Plans (PDF) (2020-02-24)
The PRIDE Study Research Dissemination Plan (PDF) (2019-12-06)
The PRIDE Study Example Data Use Agreement and Exhibits (PDF) (2019-09-23)

Want to learn more about the core principles of community-engaged research at PRIDEnet?
Check out Guidance on Community-Engaged Research: A Primer for Ancillary Study Applicants (First Edition) authored by the PRIDEnet Participant Advisory Committee (PAC). We hope these guidelines will help you maintain a consistent and comprehensive focus on historically marginalized and under-represented subcommunities in your research.

The PRIDE Study Questionnaire Codebooks
To request a PDF copy of The PRIDE Study questionnaire codebooks, please contact us at

Questionnaire Variable Lists
To request a PDF copy of The PRIDE Study variable lists, please contact us at

Training Experiences
The PRIDE Study and PRIDEnet provide training opportunities through PRIDE Lab and through other specific training opportunities.

The PRIDE Study and PRIDEnet facilitate the training of undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate, medical, postdoctoral, early career faculty, and other trainees and learners in order to grow a pipeline of skilled and competent researchers in community-engaged research in sexual and gender minority health. Collectively, we work together as the PRIDE Lab to provide each other with a supportive, rich environment to learn new methods and develop our careers as community engaged researchers in sexual and gender minority health.

Trainees participate in community-engaged research in a manner individualized to their capabilities and training goals. These research experiences may include assisting on research projects and tasks, disseminating research results to communities, and the mentored execution of research projects. Trainees work with one or more mentors within PRIDE Lab on these activities. Trainees meet weekly with the PRIDE Lab, a group of trainees at all levels who provide input, feedback, and support on research activities, works in progress, and career development.

The PRIDE Lab includes adult learners at all levels who are interested in working closely with community-engaged researchers in sexual and gender minority health. These opportunities are typically volunteer opportunities lasting a minimum of one year for 8-10 hours each week, though briefer more intensive opportunities are available and there are occasionally paid opportunities.

Apply for Training Opportunities:
If you are interested in gaining experience and training in community-engaged research on sexual and gender minority health with The PRIDE Study and PRIDEnet, please complete the application materials at this link to be considered for The PRIDE Lab.

NOTE: For unpaid training opportunities, we are currently only considering applications from those affiliated with Stanford or the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunity:
The PRIDE Study and PRIDEnet are recruiting a Postdoctoral Scholar in Community-Engaged Sexual Gender Minority/LGBTQ+ Health Research focused on depression, anxiety, and/or suicide. To learn more about this posting, please click this link. To apply for this position, please complete the application materials at this link.

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